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3.1  Different types of magnets and their poles.

  • Magnets come in different shapes and sizes.
  • A magnet has two poles, the north pole (N) and the south pole (S). The poles are the places where the attraction is the strongest.

  • When we put the poles of two magnets near each other, they will either attract or repel each other.

3.2   The need to handle magnets properly.
  • To prevent a magnet from losing its magnetism and becoming a weak magnet, we should handle a magnet with care.
  • Dropping, knocking or heating a magnet can cause it to lose its magnetism.

  • Magnets should be stored properly to make them last longer.They should be kept in pairs with an iron keeper at each end.The proper way of handling magnets to keep their magnetism:

3.3  Magnets attract some materials
  • Magnets attract all objects that are made of iron.
  • Objects which are attracted to a magnet are called magnetic objects.
  • Objects which are not attracted to a magnet are called non-magnetic objects.

3.4   Magnets have different strengths.
  • Different magnets have different strengths.
  • The strength of a magnet does not depend on its size and shape.
  • When we compare the strength of magnets, we use different types of magnets but the same type of magnetic objects, for example, paper clips.
  • The strongest magnet will attract and hold the largest number of paper clips.

3.5   The different uses of magnets

  • Magnets are used in many things in our daily life.