________ is an object that is surrounded by a magnetic field and has the property of attracting
     iron or steel.
3 Every magnet has ________ pole and South pole.
6   Magnet will ________ when the same poles face each other.
8 Do not ________ the magnet in the fire.
11 Magnet will attract when ________ poles face each other.
13 If we heat, drop and knock the magnet, the magnet will ________ its magnetism.

2 Every magnet has two ________.
Every magnet has North pole and ________ pole.
Magnet will ________ when different poles face each other.
7   Do not ________ off the magnet from high place.
9   Do not ________ the magnet with hammer.
10  A ________ is used to show direction.
12 Most magnetic things are made of steel and ________.
14 ________ magnet only can hold fewer paper clips.
15  ________ magnet can hold most paper clips.

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