1.   Different types of magnets and their poles.

      (A)   Match the magnets with their correct name.

        (B)   Write the name of these magnets.

       (C)   Look at the pictures below. Write ‘attract’ or ‘repel’ in the boxes.

       (D)   Write ‘N’ for North pole and ‘S’ for South pole.

2.   The need to handle magnets properly.   

       (A)   How do these magnets lose their magnetism? Match.

       (B)   Write 'True' or 'False'.

3.   Magnets attract some materials.

       (A)   Tick (√) the correct answers.

       (B)   Tick (√) the correct statements and cross (X) the wrong statements.

4.   Magnets have different strengths.

       (A)   Fill in the blanks.

             1.   Magnet ______ is the weakest.

             2.   Magnet ______ is the strongest.

             3.   Magnet A is weaker than magnet ______.

             4.   Magnet _____, _____ and _____ is stronger than
                   magnet B.

             5.   Arrange the magnets according to decreasing

                   _______, _______, _______, _______

       (B)   Answering the following questions.

            1.   What are the shapes of magnet P and magnet Q?
                  Magnet P : ________________
                  Magnet Q : ________________

            2.   Which is the stronger magnet? Why?

            3.   Does the strength of magnet depends on its shape?

            4.   Which part of the magnets has the strongest attraction?

5.   The different use of the magnet.

       (A)   Colour the objects that use magnets.

       (B) Match the magnets to their uses.

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