Friday, 23 November 2012

Changing 'Direktori Internet Malaysia' Widget

I found out that the 'Direktori Internet Malaysia' widget is not displayed where it should be. Looking for other alternative way but failed. Original size that I used is 164 x 308 but it could not display properly and another size is 207 x 327, this size is too big for my right panel.

Sorry Comments for Myspace

Sorry to all who like the 'Direktori Internet Malaysia' widget. Since there is some error to the link, I made up my mind to change it. I manage to get one - 1klik Pendidikan, seems to be useful for students and teachers.

I think this 1klik Pendidikan will be more suitable for my blog. Do I?

I did add in one more widget, Hamster. Hope you will like it too.