Saturday, 6 October 2012

New Gadgets

After reading others' blogs, quite impressive with the animated gadget that appeared at the blog.
I really wish to have one on my blog too..... but how am I going to add that? First come to mind, my 'consultant' - my husband.

He told me to browse through other's blog to look for where did I can get the gadget like that. Finally, found one that suit to my blog on and inserted it to my blog.
First, go to Layout, Add a Gadget and select HTML/Javascript. Just paste the code into the box. Click "View Blog". Wah.... lovely.

So now, everyone who visit my blog, for sure will be attracted by that animated gadget. :-)

Mmmm.... how about the mouse pointer? It's the same like above. I browsed "mouse pointer for blogger" at Finally, I decided to use compass sign as my mouse pointer, as it is related to what I am blogging about. Copy the code and add it to my blog. Nice.....

Hope you will like it.

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